Marble processing and more


Materials for property construction in Modica

We supply high-quality materials used in construction.
We are also able to provide different products dedicated to the completion of different types of properties, including materials for floors, bathrooms, fireplaces and doors.

Customize your dreams

To us, each project is different with unique requirements, but some are really special! For the most futuristic ideas, we provide a team of professionals such as engineers and architects ready to execute the most complicated of projects. Our experts are available for the realization of each project, and ensure that they satisfy all your needs with our tailor-made products.

Everything for home

Our services are dedicated for your property and can be used for any room such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the living area. We create fireplaces handmade by skilled sculptors, stair coverings, wall coverings as well. For your bathroom design, we can take care of the vanity area, shower and sinks by using different materials. If you are planning to create a new kitchen, we can provide the counter tops and the sinks. 

Fixtures and gardens

We take care of not just interiors, but also gardens, balconies and terraces. Tecnomarmi designs thresholds for doors, french windows and much more, including window sills for indoor and outdoors. Moving to open spaces, we create coverings for fences, balconies, terraces and pools.

Technical Certificates

Technical Certificates

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